Neurological Disorders and Treatments

Treatment within your reach

A number of neurological conditions are usually very serious. They require immediate medical attention and Western medicine. However, their effects tend to linger on and may not be cured that easily. It has been discovered that acupuncture and Chinese therapy is actually very effective. According to one study, acupuncture can also alleviate symptoms of progressive neurological disorders.

Neurological problems mostly are a result of damaged nerves. The degeneration of certain nerves can even lead to stroke, chronic pain and infection. Acupuncture and Chinese therapy can restore function within damaged nerves. It is centered on the nervous system and stimulates certain body points. Our Acupuncture and Wellness Center has extensive for all such neurological problems.


Experts have discovered that acupuncture for paralysis is actually quite beneficial. It was determined that acupuncture led to improved brain function and increased blood flow. While the condition has no apparent cause and can effect anybody, acupuncture is the viable solution.

We have a comprehensive treatment program which also combines therapy. The success rate of recovery and improvement is much high. You can come in for a free pre-assessment and treatment begins accordingly.


The immediate preventive measure against a stroke is medicine. However, later on, the effects which remain tend to be disruptive. In Chinese tradition, acupuncture is being applied as a treatment for strokes since thousands of years. It focuses on specific points and stimulates the nervous system.

Our experts ensure that patients in this condition recover as soon as possible. Acupuncture and therapy acts both as a preventive measure and treatment for strokes. It is highly beneficial.

Bell’s Palsy

The cause of Bell’s palsy is relatively unknown. It is a condition that causes a weakening of the facial muscles. Those who don’t recover from the condition have to face harrowing consequences. This is why acupuncture has been recommended as an alternate therapy.

It is known to result in an improvement and speeds up the recovery process. We can help you with the treatment of Bell’s Palsy. Our Acupuncture and Wellness Center offers immediate assistance to anyone who requires.

Facial Palsy

This is quite similar to Bell’s Palsy. People who suffer from it may find it difficult to function at times as well. According to a study, Acupuncture seems to be the alternative here as well. It actually results in a significant improvement.

Our experts will assess your condition first and then proceed accordingly. Rest assured, the results will be instant and completely satisfactory.

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